About Us / Statické (EN)

JOHAN is the centre for cultural and social projects in Pilsen. JOHAN develops its activities along three main lines: artistic projects (festivals, theatre and paratheatre projects, production, consulting), social work (street work, contact and information centre for problematic youth, primary prevention of pathological phenomenon, resocialization projects and work with volunteers) and educational projects (concerned with methods based on educating by art, aesthetic education, drama education and personal and social development).

JOHAN is unique in our efforts on ‘interconnection’; we always aim at building bridges. We work with children and young professional artists, we produce performances of the local scene as well as of performers from Russia and Japan and parallel to the work with performances and exhibitions we organize public workshops. We try to link different kinds of visual arts and theatre. In addition to all this, it is very symbolic for us to use the old building of the railway station, which connects the two large parts of the city of Pilsen. We would like to turn our open space to a place where you can spend time also during wintertime and where you can meet new people and be inspired to try some of the artistic practices.

The activities of JOHAN are mainly concentrated on creating a space for cultural-social contacts. We implemented the  the project of cultural and social revitalization of the empty building of the railway station Plzen–South ("Open communication space Moving Station"). Moving Station is an independent space for alternative culture in the city. The old railway station building has become a meeting place for leading artists and those who are still seeking a way of self-realization in art.